We are currently running Netware 6.5 SP5, e-Directory, and
Zenworks 4.01 ir7.

Most times when I create, edit or modify objects in e-Directory I use
Console One. We are using Console One 1.36e.

We have been using this version of Console One for the last few months
with no problems and all the proper snap-ins installed.

Because I work at a High School, often times I have to go into Console
1.36e and go to the Users Volume and increase Volume space for
individual users as needed.

Just this week I had to increase a user's space. So as I normally
would, I opened Console One 1.36e and the browsed to the Users Volume,
right clicked and chose properties. However, unlike other times this
time it generated an error message "Error Message Unable to get the
attributes of the object. Unable to get the details of the selected
object. Some pages may not be available."

When I click on close to the error message the windows then pops up but
is missing several tabs such as User With Space Restrictions, Trustees
and Attributes tabs are all missing.

I checked the trustee assignments on this volume and comapred it to
another volume and everything appears OK.

By, the way this volume (USERS) is a traditional volume and I compared
it to other traditional volumes.

When a user logs in they are still able to map to the users drive with
no problems.

The only problem I'm seeing with the USERS Volume is the Console One
error mentioned above.

Any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated!