I'm trying to make one directory absolutely free to access on the network, free even from the need to authenticate - in the same manner as I can make a folder on a Windows XP Home PC free to see. I don't have a problem with granting open, read only, access to this directory as it doesn't contain any sensitive information whatsoever. Indeed, it is actually an entire volume.

It has to be visible in the same way that a Windows XP Home directory would be, because it contains media MP3s, mpg video files that I want a network enabled media player to be able to access. The device is a Freecom Mediaplayer-35 kit, (a UK badged version of the MediaGate MG-35 - http://www.airlinktek.com/english/prod_mg35.htm ) - which I don't have a spare hard drive for at the moment.

I'm looking at CIFS / AFP configuration on iManager so that I can add the directory - but I'm getting : -

Error: The CIFS configuration information is not stored in eDirectory.

I can't find any TID that covers this error, maybe I'm asking the wrong questions?

Does anyone know what might be going on, and how I might resolve it?

(I upgraded NetWare 6.5 yesterday with the very latest patches to try and overcome the problem - but it hasn't worked)