I am running Nw 6.5 Sp6 + post Sp6 patches on one Small business
server, which runs File, print+ GW + Zen. Physical memory is 2GB.

If I look at the View memory Config page and refresh that page I am
seeing rapidly changing values for the File System Cache actual
physical memory consumption. Values go down to as low as 50 MB but can
rise within a second to 300 MB or more and can decline as fast as it is
rising. If the value is down to 50 MB the free memory is up to 1,1 GB.
As it is night now, there is no user logged in except me, so of course
not much activity at the server.

Are these rapid changes a new feature of NSS since SP6 or is it just
the display which is misleading?

W. Prindl