After having cured several abends by acquiring a new server, one again
our IT department is plagued by problems, this time in the form of:

Station <x> (Task <y>) timed out waiting for an op-lock on file <z> held
by station <w>

Where <w>, <x>, <y> and <z> change every error. The particular
favourite for this is the menu tree that is used. All our network menus
are held on SYS:\PUBLIC\menus\everyone, and when a workstation logs on
it locks the file. Then, any other workstation trying to log on fails
to lock the menu, and sits there waiting for up to 1 minute logging on.

To alleviate this problem, the shortcuts have been moved and the menu
system restructured, but it would be preferred to disable oplocking
entirely and remove the original problem. most of the TIDs have already
been tried with limited or no success.

Any ideas?

Chris Malton