I just started working at a college, and being fresh out of college
myself, I'm very lost.

The college is in the middle of a transition from Netware to Microsoft.
The previous holder of my position left with very little documentation
to leave behind, so it's my job to learn it and deal with it to
complete the transition.

The first step I need to do is get all the printers we have to be using
TCP/IP only. There are 11 that still run IPX, but all have TCP/IP set
up on them too.

We have users who have Netware user accounts, Microsoft user accounts,
and both. I don't know who is what yet.

What I'd like to know is:

1) How do I determine who is printing to what printer, using what

2) How do I set each of these users that use IPX to print to the same
printers using TCP/IP?
It's important that these settings follow them with their roaming
profile, so adding printers on each machine would be unnecessary,

3) How do I determine if anything else is using IPX?
I'm working towards completely removing IPX from the network (I think).
If I'm told to do so, I found on here how to do that with inetcfg or
autoexec.ncf. But first I want to make sure that I don't interrupt
anything that's working on IPX.

4) Keeping in mind that I'm migrating from Netware to Microsoft (I
think we only want one, if any, Netware servers by the end of the
school year), I need to know how to set up these printers so that the
removal of Netware completely won't force me to reconfigure them later.

Thank you so very much for what I think will be great help. I've posted
questions on Novell's Discussion Forums but google seems like it'd get
me much more answers!