When choosing the source volume (which is traditional) I get, "Unable to get media manager info on the volume" using the GUI. And then "Volume size" and "used space" are reported as null.

Will this cause me problems vcu-ing traditional volumes to nss pool? Maybe it's normal? I had misery vcu-ing sys volume which resulted in a middle of the night 4 hour support call with Novell and I am still none the wiser.....not sure what caused the problem - but the vcu didn't create the objects and didn't rename the edir objects among other things. The fact it took exactly 3 seconds to complete was my first indication things went awry.

I prefer using the GUI but would like to know if this error is normal. I can reopen my support call but the technician was honest and said they do not get a lot of support calls for VCU and he didn't provide me with an answer. The other technician said to use the command line.