We are running 2 Netware 6.5.3 servers.
They are in two offices (on different sides of town), 1 Server at each
location. The offices have a VPN tunnel connecting them together (via the

"Office A" is on the 192.168.1. subnet
"Office B" is on the 192.168.2. subnet.

The Users in "Office A" have a Network Drive Mapping (W:) that connects
them to the Netware FileServer in "Office B".

Everything has worked great for 2+ years.

But now, the Desktops in "office A" are frequently losing the Network Drive
Mapping connection with the Netware Server in "Office B".

When anyone tries to access the W: drive, they get a message: "W:\ is not

Interestingly, All other network services function fine.
EMail still works.
internet still works.
I can PING across to their desktop. They can ping back. They can even ping
the Netware Server on the other side.
i can even VNC into their desktop!

Everything works except for the Drive mapping.

There is nothing that can really be done except rebooting the desktop. This
will fix the issue for about 1-2 days... but then the issue comes back.

Initially i thought it was a network problem, but i can ping Everywhere and
No Packets EVER get dropped.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Is there any kind of 'idle' timeout or something on the Netware server that
would cause this issue?

I am really at a loss.

thank you