Hi there folks!! It's nice to in the forum again! :)

I work as an IT consultant for an IT Outsourcing Corp. and i'm assigned
to a specific client who has a Novell Netware 6.5 file server, our
novell specialist is on vacation and there's no one else who can help
me with this so i'm depending on your help.

There's a user complaining about he couldn't login to novell this
weekend, it's a "VIP" user and i said to her that maybe she had the
"Workstation Only" checkbox checked on the novel client logon screen
and she said "no sireee" in fact she said the the same happened to
another user, but well they were the only users working this weekend
and between us their computer skills can match the ones of a 5 or maybe
6 years old child, and well they make a big deal about this and
reported the incident to the CEO and were all hype saying that us, the
IT Dept. restricted their access to their files during the week and
yada yada yada, but since they are some of the "big kahunas" you can't
state they are wrong with any real proofs, so i wanna prove them that
there was nothing wrong with the server this weekend or that if there
was something wrong it was an error on the server and had nothing to do
with us not wanting them to access the files on it.

So, here's the question: is there any way of seeing novell netware
events kinda ala MS Windows Server Event Viewer or any way at all to
see netware events?

I really thank you in advance for all the info u can share with me in
this subject.


P.S. Sorry about my english, it's not so good.