We have always used static IPs. We have about 300 users. Let's say they
are spread equally inside of 192.168.a.b where a is 1, 2 or 3 depending on
the floor or location you are in. We have always just pointed people to
our ISP for DNS. Lately we have been considering going to DHCP and
bringing the DNS in-house so we have a little more flexibility. The thing
is, everyone on my staff including myself has used these service on Win2k
or 2003 server and are familiar with them. We are debating whther to just
throw one of these out there to do it or learn the Netware way. Most of
the time the netware methods make sense, but after reading up on it, it
looks a little strange. For instance, it looks like you have to configure
the Netware Client(and therefore have one). The way we've done it with
windows, DHCP just broadcasts itself and your NIC grabs it and assigns the
proper settings. So what would you do, retrain or not.(Remembering that I
sometimes need retraingin if I take too long of a lunch:-) Thanks for
your help.