When looking at the log for my newly added server I get the following
error. Specifics to follow error:

12-22-2006 11:00 am SERVER-5.60-3651
Severity = 1 locus = 14 class = 2
POLICY MANAGER (5.00-089): Server GW7X is unable to obtain a server base
license unit. Connection to this server is NOT allowed. Ensure that
licensing untis are available and verify NLS operations. Error #C0001005

What in the WORLD does this mean. I have three servers so far and
depending on login script, etc... I can connect to all of them except
this one. It is brand new and in the NDS tree obviously. I don't know
much at all about licensing and the above means less than nothing to me.
Any help would be awesome as this is my new groupwise server. Thanks!