i have a problem white my FTP server on a NW65 sp6 server.

ftp login in working oke if you enter a user login name(e.g. .admin.novell and the password).

but when i trey tologin as anonymous user the user will not log in.

i will get the error:

Command: USER anonymous
Response: 530 Login Failed for User anonymous
Error: Unable to connect!

The ftp server configuration is oke. i have copied the ftpserv.cfg file from a working server to this server, renamed the servername in the conf file.

I recreated the anonymouse user, the rights are oke, i checked that. I deleted the anonymouse user several time and recreated this white nwftpd -a, enter the right home dir for the anonymous user.

Still the login is NOT working, very frustreting

Can someone help me, its very important for me that it is working oke.

Thanks Dave