Ok I have jabbed and jabbed and jabbed at this and I know it is something
so simple I am not seeing it... I have a internal and a external ip
address set up and use this server primary for storage with a web site. I
have edited a httpd.conf file to change the public folder for where the
web pages are stored and I see it ok internally but can not seeing it
I am not sure which direction to look at either my external ipconfig
settings or the httpd.conf file that I edited to find the directory that
the pages are in. I do know before I changed the file it was showing the
enterprise welcome page. I am not sure if there is another file I need to
change to make this work correctly. I have reboot the server as well to be
sure the settings took affect as well.
Any advise would be appreciated like I said it so simple I cant see it.
Happy New Year!