We are using an SLA contract and would like to know if we have less than
20,000 PCs but our SLA is good for 40,000 users - will we be ok to bump
the concurrent connections to 2.
Here is what we have done:
Within Server Parameters / Communication Parameters
Set Number of Watchdog Packets to 5
Set Delay between Watchdog Packets 10 Sec
Set Delay before First Watchdog Packet 15.7 Sec

We restarted the server and found that some of the user accounts had
cleared. However, there were other user accounts that were still unable
to login after the servers were restarted. We deleted and recreated these
account and they are now able to login. We will monitor from here.

It would be good to hear from you if you have run across this problem
before / and have other recommendations.
Mike LaRussa