Hope this is the correct forum for this.

We have two Netware 6.5 servers running in a clustered setup on a SAN
with resources spread across the two servers.

Users logins have drive mappings set based on where the resources
normally are - i.e \\netware1\share1. However when we have to move any of
the resources to another server - for example if we down a server - the
users loose access to those drives as the mapping has effectively changed.
i.e \\netware1\share1 effectively becomes \\netware2\share1 if netware1
is downed.
Is there a way round this so that the mapping will look for the resource
on either server rather than one specific one?

I am very new to Netware so bare with me if this is an obvious question
but it was a task that has been set me!

Thank you