Good Morning,

I'm having a bizarre problem getting my "SLP DA Discovery Options" setting to change permanently. I can change it manually at the console (set SLP DA discovery options = 6) but receive an error "Unable to set SLP DA Discovery Options to 6". The change does take affect and SLP does register with the DA (using the slp.cfg file), but I can't make the setting persistent.

I've tried changing it in the console monitor --> SLP as well as inserting the set statement in the startup.ncf file. It always reverts back to "2" (DHCP discovery only) and the DA isn't discovered on the next server restart.

Am I doing something totally wrong here? Most of the servers are NetWare 6.5 SP6 or SP8, but I've seen it on NW5.1 and NW6 servers as well. Frustrating!!!