I setup a v6.5 SP5 box (actually its the Primary Server in a
Caminosoft Standby Server setup).

After a couple of days of use in production one user lost all Rights
to the server (he can only directories Login, Public and 3 others).
The next day another user lost their Rights also. When I finally
checked all users I saw that even the Admin could only see Login,
Public and the 3 other directories (when I log on as the Admin).

It is a very simple setup, only 6 users and their 'Security Equal To'
is the Admin.

When I downed the system, powered off/on and brought back up, all the
users could see all folders on the server again - as if I had 'reset'
their security.

I queried the Caminosoft support, but they say their product would not
cause this problem.

Anyone seen this problem before? anyone suggest a course of action if
it happens again?

Thank you very much.