Well title say's it all,

We had a crash a while back on a server, the master in the tree.

After a lot of trixing and fixing, restored and up'n'running again,
but,, with everything in sync,, if we do a dsrepair, we loose approx
240's objects that are all different zen-apps and/or zen-groups.

After restoring it to a lab enviroment where we can test and redo over
and over again, we found out that all the objects that gets lost are
in the same OU.
We've created a OU for all Zenapps,, and it's here that 240 out of
approx 280 objects gets lost.

Also, as a test; creating a new zen-app in this OU, then running
dsrepair, removes the newly created app with the same error;
purging orphan object.

But,, creating the same object in the exact same way, but in another
OU, no problems occur.

I've checked some of these objects that's our problem with dsbrowse,
they both report's unknown class, and no parent.
One idea was to try to export each object with zen/util, but that

This is an older setup, NW6/Sp5, with eDir 8.7.1
also tested by upgrading to 873 without any luck.

Is there any way to edit/fix the OU in question so that these
"orphaned objects" once again could get their "connection" back ?