NW6.5 SP5
We need to authenticate to a shared folder on our server. We are updating
our anti-virus software which at present utilizes a remote client on PCs
off site that http to a folder on the server for updates after an onsite
console PC updates the server files from the anti-virus companyís data
bank. The new remote client must authenticate to the folder on the server.
The old remote client did not need authentication so we created and alias
script in the adminserv.conf and httpd.conf which is below. Everything
worked great except the folder was open to the world which Sophos doesnít
like. Thatís why their new remote client needs authentication. Need some
help on the best way to do this!
Thanks, Jeff

#Below alias was added to see sophoscid directory from
Alias /sophos/ "vol1:/SophosCID/"
<Directory "vol1:/SophosCID/">
Options Indexes MultiViews
AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny
allow from all