just recently removed a nw6 server from my tree in order to replace the
disks w/ larger ones. removed server, replaced disks, and reinstalled
the server back into the tree as nw6.5 spk6.

in the last couple of weeks, it has lost its connection to the server
license a couple of times. on initial install, it attached itself to a
"demo" server license that still sits in the license container, along
side the "real" mla license. (demo license expired 30 days after the
initial 6.5 server was installed, a couple of years ago. should I just
delete it?) The message appeard on the screen "server license
expired". so I used NWAdmin to manually assign the server to the other
license. all seemed well for a few days, until thismorning, when I got
calls from users that they couldn't connect. message on the screen
said "Policy Manager (5.00-051): Server license expired for Novell
Netware 6 server 650".

looking back through the console log, I see it started right after the
server was rebooted last night, just before I left. so it seems as
though it takes the manual assignment, but then looses it on re-boot.

question: what do I need to do to get the assignment to "stick"?