I'm running NW6.5 SP5 on my servers here. Auditors wants a list of users
who has rights to a directory on the server and to what folders the
users has rights to.

I do a rights f:\folder /t/s/c > blah.txt but I get an error reported back:

RIGHTS-4.22 (970314) PTF-550: The system was unable to get the rights.
Error code: 899E

I ran this program as me, who has full rights to [root], so it can't be
a rights issue. The folder I'm running this command against does have
folders and files that contains Chinese characters and it's on a server
that is using an English code page. Could that have something to do with
it? I've tried the RIGHTS.EXE from a server using the English code page
and one using the Chinese code page. Still get the same error.s

Any ideas? Thanx in advance.