I have 3 eDir-server in one eDir-tree. Two NW6.5 and one SUSE OES9.

One nw-server is the primary that holds all services. The others is only
added as test and to replica eDir, but our problem is that the primary
server is the one that allways fails to be connected to during login. The
two other servers are allways there in the search-list.
Even if i set Prefered server and set static server-ip in Novell Client,
sometimes it connect to one of the other servers and not to the main

I guess im having some SLP-issues!

If i do i SLPINFO on one client i get this;
Scope List Source(s)
---------------------------------------- ------------
<unscoped> DA

DA IP Address Source(s) State Version Local Interface Scope(s)
--------------- --------- ----- ------- ---------------
--------------- DHCP INIT SLPV1 <unknown>

I deliver SLP-scope; DEFAULT trough DHCP and this seems to work.
But why is my client using Scope: <unknown> and why is it using SLPV1 and
not v2?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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