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Thread: Trustees / Disk Management issues...

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    GXN NNTP User

    Trustees / Disk Management issues...

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help?

    Have an odd situation:

    2 x Netware 6.5 SP4 servers (server1 & server2)

    I am logged on Admin. On Server1 I can see trustees and Netware rights in
    Windows Explorer and C1 for folders. But for Server2, the Netware rights tab
    is missing in Explorer and under properties, there is nothing there and
    everything is greyed out. C1 displays no trustees.

    Also if I try to use Disk management through C1 for Server2 I get the
    following error:

    "Unable to manage server Server2. The consoleone storage snapin is designed
    to run with Netware 6 and later. You can only run this snapin if you are the
    admin user or have admin equivalence. Either this server is not running a
    compatible version of Netware, you do not have sufficient rights, or there
    is a communication problem preventing access to the server."

    Yet Disk Management for Server1 works fine

    Seems to be to be a rights issue bit not sure where to look. Have compared
    rights in C1 for both servers but cant see anything obvious. Have run
    DSREPAIR but no change. Anyone any thoughts?


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    Massimo Rosen NNTP User

    Re: Trustees / Disk Management issues...


    GXN wrote:
    > Hi, I wonder if anyone can help?

    This indeed all sounds as if Server2 doesn't think you're administrator.
    Maybe even a license issue.

    However, one note: Do *NOT* use ConsoleOne to manage storage on a NW6.5
    Server. That this works at all tells me you are using an outdated
    ConsoleOne version, as all C1 versions shipping with 6.5 don't allow you
    to do storage management of any 6.5 servers. Use Remote Manager, NSSMU
    or if really necessary, iManager.

    Massimo Rosen
    Novell Product Support Forum Sysop
    No emails please!

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