Since we moved from DSL to Fiber Optic, the Novell clients can not see
anynmore the Netware 6.0 server.
The DSL Linksys router had DHCP enabled, and gave IP addresses from - 254. The Netware server had in its
AUTOEXEC.NCF file. All Novell clients could then access the Novell server.

Now, we connected the Novell server and clients to the new Fiber Optic
router which has DHCP enabled, and gives IP addresses from -
254. Using the INETCFG, I changed the IP Address to and the
gateway address to in AUTOEXEC.NCF. I reinitialzed the system.
I did not transfer the LAN, Protocol commands in AUTOEXEC.NCF to
INETCFG.NLM. Only three Novell Clients could see the Novell server. Five
Novell client could not see anymore the Netware server.
All Novell clients run the Novell Client software on MS WIndows XP Prof or
Windows 2000. Some of the five run also the IPX/SPX protocol.
The problem is definitely with this IP Address change in the Netware
server. Only the IPX protocol is enabled in the Netware server.
Did I forget a step in changing the IP address in the Netware Server?
Should I have done something else? Please help me.