Not sure if this is the correct forum fro this.

Recently i started working with UP. I need my mac clents to log in via
Kanaka. I am learning that UP syncs NDS password to Simple password. AFP
use simple password to login.
However i seem to be unclear on the cleartext. I load afptcp cleartext.
After a few weeks i can shut off cleartxt. Is that because novell stores
the simple
pasword? If so where does it store it?
I have a user that changeed his password. Now it works with the new
password loging into nds via nwclient. However it does not via afp from mac
client. I tried unloading and reloading cleartext with both using cleartext
and without. the password will not update. The i change the password to
something else, and it takes. so it is just a specific password which afp
does not like. I can change it to anything except the passsword he wanted.
it is not a policy in UP stopping this, it meets all the requirements.
Anyone ever seen anything like this? Is there a way to clear all simple
passwords? can i unload cleartext forever, or if i create a new user to i
have to login in 1 time with cleartext set to on?