I'm having a strange problem with one of the 6.5 servers on my network -
both the Admin user and my own user which is an admin equivalent seem to
have lost the Supervisor right on the SYS volume in the Windows GUI. All
other volumes on that server and all the volumes on other servers are OK.
If I look at the assigned rights and effective rights for either user at
the root of the SYS volume in Consoleone, it shows both users do have the
Supervisor Permission.
In a DOS window on a Windows machine, rights.exe shows the same.
However if I try to look at the rights in Explorer, no trustees are show
for the root of SYS and none appear in the Inherited Rights view and all
the "Untick to filter rights" boxes are ticked.
The Netware Info tab in the properties of the root shows the owner as :\
with a space restriction of 0B and Space Available is 0B.
I can create files & folders in the root of this volume as either user
without any problems, but I can't salvage files anywhere on the volume.

This server is running NW6.5SP5 and holds the master eDir replica. Other
servers are runing NW6.5SP5, NW6.5SP6 and NW5.1SP8 and all are running eDir