Current system is NW6.5 SP4a. The CPU usage has climbed to 92% and I
suspect one of the connection (connected through bindery...MS
connected)that died on the user but with open files. However, it doesn't
seem to impact too much the usability of the network. So, I closed the
station and cleared the connection. User logged back and with a new
connection # assign to the user. CPU usage still at 92%. In NRM, the
"bad" connection is still there though but it doesn't appear in monitor on
the console. Doing the debug part, SERVER04 is using over 90% of the usage
and the mapping shows:

Job owner IPXRTR.NLM

This is why I suspect the user's "bad" connection because the climb
seemed to appear at the moment the user had a problem. However, I can't
clear this bad connection. Tried through NRM (nothing happens) and with
"clear station <number>" on the console (replied "Station <number> already
cleared"). Is there a way to clear that? Unloading and reloading IPXRTR?

If you could reply by email (watch-out for the address), that would
greatly helps.