I run some dsrepair and I have always this errors :

Volume: VOL_U6MULA19, object ID: C2001116,
Checking trustees on volume: VOL_U6MULA19
0000114F 07000F43 10000FE8 15001084 1A00103E 1D001240 21000FA0 2300126F
35000F25 35001155
3D001126 4100120A 420011B0 43000F31 48001066 5400112C 5F0012E9 620011A6
6700112D 6C000FA4
6C001140 6D000FB8 7200125B 73000F64 7F00102A 88000F83 8E00101A 95000FDC
96000F9E 9C00113F
9D00101E A2001125 A200119B A3000F71 AA00119A AF00112E B10010DF B2001146
B5000F00 C8000FC4
CD000F36 CE000F82 D100100F D7001029 D8000F08 E2000FDD E400101B E9000F2A
E90012E8 F0000FBE
F1000F80 F5001022 F5001247 F700101F
Number of unique Trustee ID's found on this volume: 680
Purging the invalid Trustees from the volume, total: 54

Do you know how to correct it ?

Thanks for all