We have 4 servers in our environment:
1 NW 6.5 Sp5 - running GroupWise
1 NW 6.0 Sp5 - main file server running Master Replica
2 brand new NW 6.5 Sp5 servers which we just installed and configured into
clustering environment.

We want to retire the NW6.0 server and use the new clustered servers as
our main file servers. The non-cluster NW6.5 sp5 server needs to stay
outside of the cluster for running IDM tools and needs to hold only read-
write replica.

1) Can the clustered servers be hosting the master replica?

2) In retiring NW6.0 sever, do we have to upgrade it to NW 6.5 and migrate
the data to the cluster, or can we just copy and paste the files from that
server to the clustered? What is the best strategy for this change? Note:
This server is just holding data, we are not running application from this

Thank you,