After searching a long time, if found out why a netware server could
be very slow in accessing files on a volume.

It is until now still a bit unclear in what and where, but the next
thing was done by the customer:

A site with A Novell cluster and several additional servers. One of
those servers wa the CA/Master NDS.

At one point they removed this server from the tree.

After removing, they have put the CA on a different server then the
new master of the NDS.

But accessing a volume and getting the files from a cluster volume was
very slow.

But no errors where found.

The only error i could find was that new mac users where not able to

I found out that the mac users gave an nmas error on edir.
While sdidiag and pkidiag could not find any error, something should
be wrong.

After removing nmas and ca from the nds, i reinstalled ca on the
master and nmas.

Mac users could now authenticate, but also the slowness of the volumes
is gone :D

So in my humble opinion, looking up the user rights and other thinks
regarding file system rights has a link towards ca en nmas.

What do u think?