I have recently setup a Netware 6.5 SP6 server and all is well.

A question for you! :-)

Due to the cabling arrangements at this company I am doing work for, I
was wondering if I could use a crossover cable working at gigabit speed
between the primary server and the backup server (both located in the
same 19" cabinet) ?

The problem is the switch is several rooms away and requires some serious
drilling etc to connect to it. Fortunately I have one cable for the
backup server already routed to this switch. The main server has two or
three - so no problems there.

So what I wanted to do is connect CAT6 or CAT5e cable between the servers
directly (this would be a foot long connection).

2 minor questions.

I don't beleive you can get CAT6 as crossover cable though CAT5 I am sure
you could. CAT5e I don't know.

Can the NICs (both gigabit) be configure to use IPX but without
the "crossover" type cable - so I could use a CAT6. (this would be ideal)

Any help/advice would be apppreciatted

Thanks Kevin