We're running SLES and Groupwise on the server. Previously we could always
login to ConsoleOne and manage Groupwise.

Recently we started booting with the Xen kernel and installed some VMs. As
a side effect I've noticed that I can no longer login to ConsoleOne
(version 1.3.6f). It gives the error:

"Unknown meaning for error number 0x6f; Please call a Novell support provider"

Also, I can not run the Groupwise install to update any of the components.
Groupwise runs perfectly fine right now with version 7.0.1 and I can stop
and restart it. I just can't basically do anything else to it so I'm at a loss.

I can't get into ConsoleOne to make the needed changes for DST so Webaccess
will show the right times. Any help is greatly appreciated.