I feel like I am not getting all the speed or power out of my Netware 6.5
sp6 main file server that runs 1 GroupWise 7 post office (125 users), it
is my main backup server (has the super dlt tape drive), zenworks 6
desktop server (running just the workstation import and removal), and it
is the ndps manager and broker running on it.
Not using NSS volumes, dual processor Xeon, 3gb ram

Please help, here are some figures..

Short term cache hits - 100%
Short term cache dirty hits - 100%
Long term cache hits - 57%
Long term cache dirty hits - 84%
LRU sitting time - 8:16:40
Allocate block count - 238,491,955
Allocate from Avail - 1,684,133
Allocate from LRU - 236,832,889
Allocate from wait - 0
Allocate still waiting - 0
too many dirty blocks - 0
cache recheckblock count - 0