Is anyone aware of any problems with the Server Consolidation & Migration
Utility and Netware65sp6 servers?

We have a major 're-organisation' about to start which involves moving data
around between Netware65 servers running a mix of sp3 and sp6.

First impressions are there isn't a problem between sp3 servers, but if an
sp6 server is involved (source or destination) then it doesn't work (SMDR
connection error - login denied?). Checked some usual stuff (address
restrictions, firewalls etc). Am just wondering if it's something to do
with the latest SMDR, TSAFS and SMSUT NLM's on sp6?

What I see is...

Start off the verification - ok
NWUAGENT loads on both source and destination servers
NWUAGENT on destination shows 'Connecting to server xxx'
then both screens close and I get the SMDR error.

I notice that it does give a warning to the effect that sp6 is an
unsupported Netware version for this utility, but that I can proceed at my
own risk!

So, as far as I can tell I'm using the latest version (recently
downloaded). Anything else anyone would recommend I try? Be a shame if we
can't use it as it does exactly what we want :-(

Any help much appreciated... Allan.