For some reason I can't add a trustee at the directory level even though
I am logged in as admin. when I right click on the directory and select
the netware rights tab and then select the user who I want to add as an
trustee with all rights. The Netware Properties box appears with the

Failed to add trustee VCHUKU.TEMPCOHN.
You might not have sufficient rights
Continue Adding?

Yes No

I then select yes and of course the changes are not applied. I am
logged in as admin. Admin has rights to everything I can think of
without comprimising security on the network but I still can add a user
at directory level.

The reason I need to do this is so a user can give access to other
users that need to be able to see some but not all folders within a
directory. All the users see the directory individually without having
admin rights on the volume itself or even being equal to admin in any
way. What am I missing and thanks!