We are going to have an outside vendor spam filter our email and want
them to LDAP query our system so that they recognize our valid GroupWise
email addresses. A Novell technician that assists us, believes that we
want the vendor's LDAP query to query off our GWIA (not eDIR) so that
they can recognize all the types of GroupWise accounts (external
entities, nicknames, aliases, dist lists, resources, etc.). Therefore, he
believes the LDAP should be enabled on the GWIA instead of the NLDAP.NLM
option on the server.

Can someone verify this is accurate? Also, we are trying to figure out
what info (what LDAP fields do we tell them to query) so they see the
info accurately? We have provided them with the root of our tree, but
they do not seem to be seeing all of the GroupWise accounts.

It is very difficult to find any info in the Novell TIDs that go into
enough detail.