I got 10022 errors with httpsstk and apache2 on Netware oes.

Tried to pkidiag/sdidiag, also rekeyed several times, no errors shownon
PKI/SDI. httpstk (ssl) and apache does not load.

I have tried to remove and recreate certificates with Imanager on linux,
with PKIDIAG on nw. Also SAS object os recreated. And I have exported
rootcert.der with consoleone to sys:public sys:system and sys:etc.
I have checked CA and W0-objects on security container and they are
pointing to new CA.

SDIDIAD show that everything is fine.

But still, no SLL.

LDAP is working with TSL/SSL so keys are fine, but why httpstk and
apache dont find them?

Petri Asikainen

Old tree, upgraded to oes. First old CA server was removed and new CA
created on new linux server. Then 5.1 servers were updated to oes.