I'm unable to access the server via https because the server has the wrong
default IP address

I get this message from pkidiag.log

PROBLEM: The IP address in KMO SSL CertificateIP (
does not match the default IP address (
PROBLEM: Need to rename 'SSL CertificateIP - NW1.server.main'.

There are two network cards in the server, with addresses
and on the last restart, possibly quite by chance, the
172.18 card became the 'default IP address' for the server, whereas it
needs to be 172.16 for SSL certificate to work

How can I ensure becomes the 'default' IP address ?

In INETCFG the correct board is mentioned first at various points -
boards, network interfaces, bindings, but they (especially bindings) occur
in a different order under 'view configuration', so I think something is
missing to explicity say THIS is the default IP address. Anybody know ?