I'm trying to get SFTP working on a Netware 6.5 box (Service Pack 6).

I can SSH to the box as Admin and get console access. I can SFTP (I'm
using Filezilla Client) and the SSHD Monitor on the console shows me as
connected via SFTP. However, I cannot see any files in the client, nor can
I change to a different directory.

I have the following entries in my Config File (saw some posts that these
fixed this issue):

eDirNameContext o=scc?scope=subtree
eDirNameContext o=scc

Here's the errors I'm seeing in the sftp-server.log:

19 Mar - 15:01:33[0039710502] (499b4140)SFTP-SVR.NLM's <0> debug1:
NetWareTSDInit() calling InitTSD()
19 Mar - 15:01:33[0039710502] (499b4140)SFTP-SVR.NLM's <0> debug3:
InitTSD() allocated:b4140260 g_pTSD:0 g_bSSHD:0
19 Mar - 15:01:49[0039710792] (499b4140)SFTP-SVR.NLM's <3> debug1: main()
read failed: rc = -1, error = 'File exists'
19 Mar - 15:01:49[0039710792] (499b4140)SFTP-SVR.NLM's <3> error: read error