Hi everyone....

I have 6 Netware 6.5 servers with SP5. All servers accepted connections
form Mac OS X in AFP.
For an unknown reason, sometimes one of these servers refused AFP
The only thing i can do to gave back the service is restarted the server.
When i restarted the server, the service stay for 1 month, 2 month or 1
week. The problem occur at different time.

If i tried an afpstop, the progam said:
There are xx active AFP sessions, but no files currently open.
Unloading AFP will disconnect these users abruptly.
Unload module anyway?

If i choose Yes, my server made a critical Abend and my server name
change for servername ( 1 ):
All my others servers works fine. I have the same OS and Support Pack on
all servers and the same hardware.

Why i have this problem on only one server.

Someone have an idea?