I'm trying to lock down SFTP over SSH on Netware6.5sp6

Basically, I want it so that users cannot move out of their home directory
when they connect.
I have this working, by using the "RestrictToHomeDir yes" setting in the
sshd_config file. So far so good.

What I would also like to do is name a few individuals who CAN move out of
their home directory, and that looks possible by another setting in the
sshd_config file "UnrestrictFile".

I've created my /etc/unrestrict.txt file containing a list of usernames who
I want to have unrestricted access. Restarted SSHD, but it doesn't seem to
honour what's in this file, no matter what format I use for the username.
For example taking a username XYZ, I've tried ...

Does anyone know the format I need to use? I'm thinking it will probably
be the simple "XYZ" form?

What's a tad worrying is that although this setting is available in
sshd_config, I can't find any reference to it in any documentation.

Anyone any ideas as to why this won't work, or alternative methods I could
use to achieve the same result?
Thanks... Allan.

Below are the lines mentioned in sshd_config

# Restrict users to their home directory and below, default no
RestrictToHomeDir yes

# File that contains list of users that are not restricted
UnrestrictFile /etc/ssh/unrestrict.txt