Running a small (less than 30 users) network basically as a file server
with groupwise. Network seems to run slow, even though most of the NICs are
100BaseT and 1000BaseT. Server has 1 1000BaseT NIC feeding into a switch
that is 10/100/1000. Other traffic on the network is scanning to ftp
server and printing (printing is to network printers with their own
jetdirect cards and not through netware). I am wondering how to optimize
the flow of IP traffic. The server itself is not the problem as it never
seems to break a sweat, I think it is the way I have the hardware
configured. Users are assigned IPs either as static, or through a physical
10BaseT router with a DHCP server in it. All users gateways point to the
10BaseT router which also connects them to the internet. - I'm just
wondering if I am making best use of bandwidth? Do I need another NIC in
the server? Should I route all traffic to my server first as a gateway? Or
more basic, is there a TID or other resource with answers to these questions?