I have a NW6.5 network running GW6.5. The biggest complaints I get are:
1. Why aren't we on Outlook/Exchange?(Whole can of worms there)
2. Why can't we get in remotely like my friend's place?

As I said, the number 1 is a tough one. Number 2 is what I'm looking into
right now. We use PCAnywhere via IP or dialin(depending on where you are)
or we use Groupwise WebAccess for email only. The friends seem to either
be using Citrix or RDP. I have always heard RDP is not secure. I don't
have a windows domain or roaming profiles, so I don't even know if Citrix
would be possible. If possible, I find it hard to believe that given the
same connection at home and at work(T1) the speed difference between
PCAnywhere and Citrix would be worth the trouble. SO I ask, what do you
folks suggest/use? Is my speed theory valid or would Citrix be a lot
faster? Any ideas would be appreciated.