Netware 6.5. SP5 environment, OUs broken down by geographical location. We
have a large jobsite that is joining the WAN and will have a local Netware
server, in a separate OU.

There will be a number of laptop users that will bounce back and forth
between the jobsite and other locations (OUs). Instead of creating multiple
user objects for a user, it seems an alias object in the jobsite OU may be
the way to go to simplify the password issue. When using the alias object,
what is the best way to control login scripts so that the headquarter
scripts don't run, but rather the scripts written on the jobsite OU?

The users will manually change their context to the jobsite context as
needed, no problem there. But when jusing the alias account in the jobsite
OU, I need them to map only to the jobsite local server. What's the best
way to accomplish this? Thanks!