I'm having some issues and not for sure where to start.
I am wanting a CA on my WebAccess to stop IE7 from putting up the
security warning, but I fould I have other certificate issues.

(Following TID #10089761)
When I go into Console1, I highlight my main OU, then I click
file new object, then I find NDSPKI:Key Material in the list, I then
put in ipsCert for the certificate name, and choose Custom, then I choose
external certificate authority on the next screen, I keep the 2048 and the
allow private key to be exported, then click next, and next again past the
summary pages, and then click finish, and I get nothing... NO errors, no
new key, Nothing!!

When I click on Tools, and install certificate, I get nothing, no errors,
just nothing happens.

I've run PKIDiag, and it is showing things are fine.

Any ideas?
Its a NW6.5SP5 server