Some days ago I have upgraded novell from NW6.0sp5 to NW6.5sp6.

I have added the license for server 6.5 during the install.
For users I have added after.
So By nwadmn32.exe I can see these containers:

"Novell netware 6 server+600" because I have another server used
only for backup
"novell netware 6 server+650" user could be use this server 6.5
"Novell Netware 6 user+600"
"Novell netware 6 user+650" user could be use this

I have seen by NRM this:

failed logins per hours:
address ip 10.1.x.x
users .cn=monica.ou=myedp.o=fil.t=my_tree

Are there these things connected ?

Why have I more "failed logins per hours" ?
Why have I some "units in use" under Novell netware 6 user+600 ?

The user could be to login only into NW.65 ?

please can someone explain what's happen ?