Hello all,

As Microsoft intend that unattended setup should be run from a Windows PE
platform for Windows Vista, we've begun looking at Windows PE 2.0.

Obviously Windows PE doesn't (natively) have a Novell client, so we are
using CIFS to connect to our NetWare servers once we get into Windows PE.
These servers are 6.5, SP6. The CIFS shares were not created for this
purpose; they have been in existence for years and work fine from other

They don't work fully from Windows PE. It is possible to map a drive, but
only if you don't supply the password on the (net use) command line. If you
do supply the password, you get error 1312. You also get this if you try to
pipe the password in from a file. The only way we can make it work is for
someone physically to type the password when prompted. Obviously this is
not useful for an unattended process.

We have tried supplying the password on the command line while connecting to
a native Windows server. This works. The problem appears to be confined to
connection to our Novell CIFS shares.

Can anybody shed any light?