Having a couple of time stamp issues since DST started last weekend. All
our servers are NW6.5 SP5 and except Border Manager server NW6.0 SP5 with
BM3.7 with all latest patches. Most obvious problem is than when
exporting Border Manager ACL logs the time stamps are an hour older than
they should be. Another issue is that an SQL 2000 database application
displays incorrect time stamps (again an hour behind) on any PC / server
with a Netware client. However the database application time stams are
correct when run from a W2K server without a Netware client which poiints
to a Netware issue. All server time stamps correct in Tree, Time and
Replication Synchronization shows no problems and all PC client times
correct. DSrepair reports no time stamp problems either.

Anyone any idea what this could be?