Netware 6.5 sp5

I'm trying to move a user to a different context in the same tree. I get
the following error message:

(Error -637) After an object has been moved from one context in the tree
to another, the Directory database will not allow that object to be moved
again until all the replicas of that object have been updated.

I've followed TID 10012763. My issue is that from the "culprit" server
there are no obituaries for any objects running the standard dsrepair. I
can't be sure of timeframes of the user's original move the the current
context, however, at some point in time some servers have been
replaced/no longer exists for the "culprit" context.

Before I call Novell, anyone have any ideas? One recommendation in the
TID was to run a dsrepair -xk3 on the "culprit" server; having
no "culprit" I can identify at this point should I try this repair on the
user's current server & hope it cleans up the inhibit_move obit?