Good evening. I am still new to Novell since much of my experience is
with Windows Server so please bear with me if I state something wrong.

We are currently using Novell Server 6.5 SP 5 as our NOS. We migrated
everything from an earlier version of Novell Server 4.12 SP 6 which was
our previous NOS.

On the main organizational level, we have about 1000 names in our e-
directory. Many of these names are obsolete since we are a school and
students graduate.

Anyway, I created a bunch of OU folders with the grad year as the name
and put the appropriate students in said folder with the intent of when
they graduated, we delete the whole folder.

The problem is, when we added the students to the folders, they could no
longer log into the computer through the Novell login. However, when
they were moved back to the root OU, they could log in again.

As an example, students server is how they are presently in
the e-directory. We created folders such as 2007 so now the new path was
students server.

I am used to Active Directory where you can nest folders within OU's and
the user has no problem logging into the network. From what I can
ascertain, the login is only scanning the upper layer of e-directory
without going through subfolders to search for the user.

My question is this, how do I do this since I want get better
organization within our e-directory.

Thank you in advance,