Hello. I have been thrown into a NW Admin position because the last
person left our company. I have knowledge setting up NetWare servers
and making some changes but not much when it comes to troubleshooting
problems. Here is my issue. I have a NetWare 6 sp5 server strictly
used for file storage and NAL applications. Here are the specs:

4GB Memory
Apps Volume - 50GB with about 20GB free
Group Volume - 250GB with about 110GB free
Image Volume - 80GB with about 25GB free

The Apps and Group volumes are hit by around 150 users, 5 days a week,
for about 10 hours a day. We have 1 Demographics dept that has 6 users
that work with large, multi-layered mapping programs. They use
multiple files working together to create maps. I hear complaints
about their desktop mapping programs feezing up a lot while working off
of this server. The mapping programs and desktops are fine and the
problem must come from the server. I also hear complaints from most
other users about slowness when working with standard MS Office files.
I believe it is a memory issue. I have checked the File SYstem Cache
Stats and many things point to low memory.

LRU Sitting Time
Allocated Block count
Allocated from AVAIL
Allocated from LRU

These are just some things I found online that pointed towards lack of
memory. I am trying to find out if I need more than the 4GB of memory,
if there are some changes I can make to better use the memory, or if
there is some type of memory leak. If anybody has any ideas I would
really appreciate it.

Sorry for the lack of knowledge. Hope I am explaining things well.